Institut für Sales und Marketing Exzellenz Messbar bessere Ergebnisse durch Emotion Selling©, Neuro-Sales und Neuro-Marketing
Institut für Sales und Marketing ExzellenzMessbar bessere Ergebnisse durch Emotion Selling©, Neuro-Sales und Neuro-Marketing

About us

New standards and new communication strategies with high effectiveness

The history began with projects at the University of Essen for over 25 years. The research was primary focused on the principles and the mechanism of success in the fields of leadership, management and top-class-sport.

For this purpose we asked hundreds of employees from different companies how they build their success. We received a lot of interesting answers.

Resulting from this project POINT Consulting was created in 1990. A further development and focus was neuro-communication and Emotion Selling(c), and later the Institut of Sales and Marketing Exzellenz developed.

To this day we have successfully trained more than 30,000 executives and salespeople of different branches and departments.

Furthermore we train certified and licensed trainers, consultants and coaches in the fields of neuro-communication and Emotion Selling©. On demand we are thus in the position to instruct many employees of one company in a short amount of time.


We offer new, practical, well-founded and effective methods and strategies of communication for better sales, an enhance customer relationship and a more successful grow in your customer base. Methods and strategies are completed by analysis tools which make it possible to measure the quality of communication easily.


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