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Institut für Sales und Marketing ExzellenzMessbar bessere Ergebnisse durch Emotion Selling©, Neuro-Sales und Neuro-Marketing

Analysis- and Measurement Tools

Advantages of the analysis- and measurement tools

  1. They ensure a high quality in the communication with customers in all product areas and areas of operations.
  2. Executives can assess the seemingly soft factor “communication“ with their employees, in a structured way.
  3. They enable a systematic quality control and a deduction of methods from advanced further trainings.
  4. They support every employee - no matter on which level he/she is – to become more convincing and even more confident about his/her results.
  5. All displayed methods are successful, independent of the type of customer.

WIN-Talks with the 7 moments of truth

A sales conversation consists of 7 stages. Our trainings are based systematically on these 6 stages. This frame is easily realized by te following indices including new standards of quality of neuro-communication.

The Sales Attractiveness Index© analyses and measures the quality of communication in sales conversations. It shows in 6 parameters, which standards of quality according to the new realizations of neuro-communication are important today.
The result shows that salespeople sell a product or service much easier and with more confidence, they have a better customer relationship, and therefore allow customers to feel at ease with the salesperson.

The Semantic Emotiondifferential© reflects the emotional value of language and is a measurable parameter for sales success due to a good relation level. We determine the value of words, arguments and advertising message in very logical way with the help of software.

Customer Benetit Index©: The quality of the benefit-arguments has got an important influence on the success of sales conversations. We valuate benefits with different scores and calculate an index for the attractiveness and motivation of the benefit-argumentation. This index helps to increase measurably the persuasiveness in a sales conversation. Its logical reason makes it easy to build up argumentations with a high persuasiveness in practice.

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